Ken Kelling, Life Coach
Ken Kelling, Life Coach

I’m Ken Kelling and I help professionals to find their personal purpose so that they can actively pursue a deeply satisfying career and life, full of positive intent.

I’m here to make the world a better place – one person at a time.

I believe the world needs us all to be purposeful. 

Because your friends, your family, your colleagues and the rest of the world needs you to be the best and happiest you.

I coach, talk and write about purpose because it’s an idea that means a lot to me.

It’s what gives your life meaning.

I believe a lack of purpose is often at the heart of feeling unhappy or unfulfilled.

Finding meaning and purpose helps us to live a life that is intentional and fulfilling.

It’s a life that puts a smile on your face!

Working with me will give you at least three specific outcomes:

A life purpose statement – a super-charged guidance system for your life

A series of personalised visions to inspire and direct you in different areas of your life

A powerful way of making decisions so that you always stay connected to your deepest values day-in, day-out

I also work with companies and organisations who are looking to inject more meaning into their work. This could be people in a business partnership, teams or departments. Exploring purpose and meaning can help you to gain clarity on when you are at your best, as well as boosting morale and providing a sense of direction.

I’m an Associate Certified Life Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation.

I hold Certification in Life Purpose (Success Unlimited Network) as well as Certificates in Somatic Life Coaching, Existential Life Coaching and Group Coaching.

I am also a Mentor at the Animas Centre for Coaching in London. 

I spent 25 years in senior-level executive positions in London organisations. I understand the pressure and stress you’re facing in your everyday working life.

“With Ken’s help I found that I already had the answers myself. I would recommend Ken for many reasons but the most important one for me was the feeling of being inspired and motivated towards achieving my goals”. Andrea