Happy women with strong relationships
Happy women with strong relationships

For all the self-help books and information out there, it’s the power of human connections and conversations that make the biggest difference to how we feel.

It’s often said that our Network is our Net worth.

And when we’re thinking about working less or retiring, maintaining a network is even more important. Particularly as retired people often say it’s work colleagues and those “watercooler chats” that they miss the most.

It’s also why coaching can be so powerful. Talking things out produces new insights, new awareness and greater clarity about what it is you want for the future.

You need a supportive team around you. Positive people who believe in you and want to see you do well. A Third Age Coach is certainly someone to have on your side, not just to celebrate your successes but to hold you accountable for setting and realising your goals.

You may also need a trusted financial planner who can help you on the practical side of funding the lifestyle that you would like in the future. Sense of Purpose Coaching works with a number of trusted financial coaches who can help steer your finances in the right direction.

Set the vision for your future with a Third Age Coach.

Then work out the way to get there financially with a financial planner.